The Rise of Clothing Care Systems

For most households a laundry will feature a washing machine and perhaps a dryer. It has been like this for decades and huge advances in technology continue to take shape around those two machines, or one if it’s a combo. But there is a new appliance for your clothing and it might make your dry cleaner worried.

Samsung and LG both have a Clothing Care System available on the market. From Samsung it is called the AirDresser and from LG it is called the Styler.

What is a Clothing Care System?

These machines look like a slim closet, you open the door and there is space to hang garments such as shirts, jackets, pants and even a space for shoes. Closing the door and turning the machine on can see your items refreshed, deodorized, wrinkles reduced and the elimination of allergens. They mostly use steam in this process to apply high temperatures and effectively sanitise your clothes. The goal; keep your clothes fresh between washes or trips to the dry cleaner.

Samsung AirDresser features

With 15 programs to choose from the AirDresser should have most garments covered. From school uniforms to fur and leather garments, Samsung has a program to ensure you won’t destroy anything in the process. The AirDresser is just over 50cm wide and almost 2m tall. Up to three garments can be placed on the special hangers at one time and this is because air flows through the hangers into the garments as part of the refresh program. There is also capacity for three pairs of pants at the same time.

The JetStream system is said to remove 99% of viruses and bacteria, allergens, odours and harmful substances. The bottom of the unit has space for shoes or even kids toys. The deoderising filter and UV LED helps remove odours such as sweat, tobacco or even cooking smells too. Lastly, while it doesn’t claim to replace ironing entirely, it has a wrinkle care program to remove 100% of wrinkles from woolen clothing and 80% of wrinkles from rayon material. It sadly doesn’t make wrinkles on Zoom calls disappear though. Connected to your home Wi-Fi you have full control of the unit on your smartphone to download the correct program for your garment or to get a cycle started and notifications when the job is completed.

LG Styler features

Claiming to make winter clothes smell like spring, the LG Styler has a very similar feature list to the Samsung AirDresser. Some key differences though. Firstly, the Styler doesn’t use special hangers to pump air through the garment, instead, you can use your own hangers and the rail in the Styler locks them in and runs a program of shaking them side to side – yes it is likely more technical than that.

The door has a special slot for suit pants to receive the same treatment along with a press to remove wrinkles but maintain a sharp crease. 13 programs to choose from allows you to run refresh, drying, sanitary or special cycles and there is plenty of space for soft toys or even pillows. The Styler has two models, one is slightly slimmer at 44cm and shorter than the AirDresser and can hold 3 items on the hanger and 1 pants, while a larger model accomodates 5 on hangers and 1 pants.

I don’t have space in the laundry for another appliance

When we first saw this demonstrated and knowing how it works and how often it would be used (almost daily), these products actually would be best placed in the walk in wardrobe. It’s close to the rest of the garments you use so cycling through items would be easy and no plumbing is required. Both brands have also been clear that the Clothing Care Systems don’t extract heat like a dryer and make almost no noise. We’d go so far to suggest it shouldn’t be in the laundry at all.

How much does a Clothing Care System cost?

Like all new appliances, their initial versions aren’t affordable for everyone. The Samsung AirDresser can be found for $2,999 and the Styler from LG is around $300 less. While they aren’t going to be for everybody you need to consider how often you visit a dry cleaner and what that costs you, factor in if members of the family have any allergies that this could help with and it may start to make sense. In time though, this is a product that will be the norm in years to come.