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Ecovacs Deebot T9+ Review

Home schooling, Zoom meetings, online shopping and more streaming content than you can handle. Finding time for cleaning is hard! If you could outsource a few mundane tasks to save time, why wouldn’t you? Robot vacuums have gotten smarter, more feature rich and suck harder than ever before. They are also so much more than just vacuums now.

The Ecovacs Deebot T9+ is the latest model to visit our household (there have been plenty before it) and it brings a number of features not seen in competitor models. This robot will vacuum, mop, spray air freshener and empty it’s little vacuum bin all by itself. You could effectively set it up to maintain your home and not look at it for another month when you need to empty the larger dustbin. Sounds crazy? It is.

When you open the T9+ for the first time you will unpack a charging station with a large waste bin integrated into the unit. The robot rests in that charging station. The rest of the setup is done via the Ecovacs app and you follow a few prompts to get the robot connected to your Wi-Fi and compatible smart home assistants (yes you can ask Google to start the vacuuming). After the initial setup the T9+ will start an exploration trip around the home. This is the time to keep the front door closed. It’ll use it’s many sensors and radars to explore and map out the home. You’ll then be able to see that floorplan in the app where you can enable no go zones, barriers and also label areas of the house like the kitchen, dining room etc.

From the app you could then ask the robot to vacuum one room of the house or the whole thing. If you have the Ozmo mopping attachment connected to the back it could vacuum and mop your hard floors at the same time. The T9+ is smart enough to know not to cross carpets, rugs or mats when the mop is attached too. Attaching the air freshener component with the scent installed will mean the T9+ vacuums and refreshes the air while doing so. That is if you enjoy the fragrance, we didn’t.

When the vacuuming is done the T9+ will return to the charging station automatically. If the job isn’t complete but the bin is full or it needs to recharge, it will return and then go back out and continue where it left off. Whenever it does return it will empty the bin and the whole house will know that happened because it’s a loud 5 – 10 seconds. The vacuum itself is not a loud robot, we’ve used it during meetings and not had anyone on the call notice.

The vacuuming on this unit is rather impressive, you could set it out once every two days and likely not need to use a stick vac or other manual unit ever again. The mopping on this model is not just a wiping system like others, the Ozmo unit actually moves and scrubs the floor using droplets of water as it progresses. Those little drops of sauce will be gone. You do need to be cautious, like with any robot vacuum about any small steps you may have in the home. Our laundry has a 2cm ledge up and the T9+ couldn’t climb it. If you have stairs, don’t worry, the T9+ will sense a dropped edge and won’t proceed. You may also think at times that the robot has gone missing but it’s actually exploring areas you might not normally venture to, like under beds and couches thanks to it’s slim profile.

We especially enjoyed cooking, walking away from the kitchen with our meal and setting the T9+ to clean up after us. Whether it is crumbs from that toasted sandwich at lunch or the bits you dropped making pasta for dinner, the T9+ goes in, cleans and heads home while you’re enjoying your meal.

The Ecovacs Deebot T9+ is available now and priced at $1,299.