Upgrading your Home Office

When we first started working from home it felt like a treat. You’d set your laptop on your dining table, manage your day and be amazed you are able to pull this off. As the pandemic has forced us to make working from home a more permanent situation, you might have given up on the dining table for a makeshift office but you might be missing some items that could be game changing. Here are a few of our favourites.

Monitor Upgrade

With the display on the monitor being relatively small, you are likely using a second screen to boost that real estate. The latest Samsung Smart Monitor however, isn’t just a second screen, it can be your TV, lunch break Netflix and even an Office 365 access point. From 27 inches up to 43 inches the Samsung Smart Monitor has built in speakers and even comes with a TV remote. You can access all the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Netflix without moving to the loungeroom. While it doesn’t have an antenna connection for free to air television, that’s all available via apps in the monitor. You can also use Apple AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad and Chromecast from those using Android. But yes, it is a monitor too! Available now from $399

Webcam Upgrade

The webcam in your laptop is fine if nothing else is available, so if you’re working from home often, it’s time to look better in your next meeting. Clarity, colour quality and viewing angles are all reasons to upgrade. The Logitech Streamcam is a webcam which can be mounted on your monitor and provides a full HD 1080p video feed. Whether you have bright sunlight behind you or poor lighting, the Streamcam does a great job to compensate for it and make sure you look your best.

The Poly P15 is for the 9-5 Zoom worker, you know who you are. Your diary is full of video meetings and you wear a collared shirt up top and shorts. The Poly P15 is wonderful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it packs a 4K Ultra HD lens to ensure you look excellent on TV or in board meetings. The high resolution means you could stand further back and the camera can use digital zoom to capture you without distorting the image. Secondly, the P15 has speakers built-in to keep you free of any headsets and lastly, the microphones in the P15 are exceptional. The microphones use accoustic fencing and noise block technology to zoom on you and only hear the words from your mouth. This means a barking dog, crying baby or even opening a sneaky chip packet, wont be heard by those in the meeting. It’s remarkable.

Posture Upgrade

At some point we’ll return to the office, even if it is with flexible arrangements, we’ll see our colleagues face to face again. To avoid looking like the hunchback of Notre dame there is a gadget that could nag you to a straight back. The Upright Go S is a small gadget that sits just beneath the back of your neck. It can use adhesive to stick to your skin or can be purchase with a reverse necklace to hold it in the correct area. The Upright Go will then monitor your posture and vibrate when you slouch or hunch and synchronise this data to your smartphone via bluetooth. You’ll see a daily report on your efforts and see it improve over time. In our testing you’ll be able to pack it away after a few weeks as you start to become consciously aware of your posture and failings before the Upright Go triggers. This is the nag you’ll appreciate. RRP for the Upright Go S is $79.99.

Accessory Upgrade

If you look at your desk and see your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch then it’s time to consolidate their charging into one sexy gadget. The Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 is a wireless charger that will provide power to all those Apple toys with one power cable. It looks good, safely charges all your accessories and keeps you ready to run whenever the time comes. The RRP for the 3-in-1 is $219.95.

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