Philips Projectors fit in your Pocket

Visiting a client to run through a presentation can mean crossing your fingers they have a projector you can use, or a TV, and your connections will work. Those few minutes of fumbling around can hinder the overall presentation and can be avoided. Technology in projectors has changed dramatically in recent times and they can now fit in your pocket, literally.

Philips has a range of projectors that are not only small but in some cases even battery powered, no hunting for a power outlet again. Here are two options worth considering.

Philips PicoPix Nano

PicoPix Nano

This projector is so small you might lose it in transit. As small as the palm of your hand this projector can create a 60 inch image when placed less than 2 meters from the wall. The light source has a 30,000 hour life so could run for 20 years if you use it 4 hours per day. The unit has a MicroSD card slot and USB port for playing content. If you want to mirror your smartphone or computer you do this through Wi-Fi screen mirroring so it’s completely wireless. This is handy as it allows you to sit in a place that suits you and not tied to the projector. The battery lasts for 80 minutes which should be enough to get through your slide deck. A built-in speaker is on the PicoPix Nano but given it’s size, won’t be suited for movies. Fortunately a 3.5mm audio jack is onboard for connecting larger speakers. The brightness of the projector is rated at 60 lumens so it will need a dark room for this to shine. The other downside is the resolution from the projector at 640 x 360 so detailed images or diagrams won’t look as expected.

Keep an eye out, we’re seeing this on sale for less than $250 at the moment here

Philips PicoPix Micro

PicoPix Micro

While slightly bigger, the Micro is the size of your hand, not just the palm. With that extra size however you get extra benefits. Firstly, screen size extends to 65 inches and resolution is upgraded to 854 x 480. Lamp hours remain the same but the brightness increases to 100 lumens. We’ve tested this projector and found it very acceptable with some light in the room, especially for presentations. The PicoPix Micro carries a mini HDMI on top of the Nano’s connections and this is handy for having a physical connection to the project when wireless feels too difficult. Battery life is also upgraded to 3 hours and this places the projector into a great road warrior’s accessory by day and instant home theatre at night. While not being the typical home theatre projector, we like the portability for use as an outdoor cinema, especially when connected to proper speakers.

At the time of writing we are seeing this available for $495 here

Philips PicoPix Micro2 TV

This is the latest from Philips and is a generation ahead of the options mentioned above. The PicoPix Micro2 TV carries new features that are obvious from the name. This mobile projector has Android TV built in which means all of your typical streaming apps will be available and usable from the projector itself. Netflix, Kayo, Stan, Paramount+ and more will be simply one click away from the remote control. The lamp life remains at 30,000 hours but the screen size has been increased to 80 inches. Battery life has grown to 4 hours.

The new connection on this model is USB-C which makes a physical connection from a smartphone or laptop even easier. The bluetooth remote control can be used for voice commands using the Google Assistant so getting to your favourite show or content will be simple. The resolution on this unit remains the same as the previous PicoPix Micro so consider this a smart TV version of the previous model. Take your pick based on the expected use case.

The PicoPix Micro2 TV has an RRP of $899 and is available here