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Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier Review

When your home has become your office, there are certain measures that will help your space feel fresh, clean and healthy. We wouldn’t have believed it until we tried it, but air purifiers can be a huge help.

When Samsung sent the AX5500 to us for review we weren’t skeptical about the product, we were skeptical about air purifiers in general. Living in Australia means that we breathe some of the cleanest air on the planet, what is there to purify? It would be like boiling Evian before drinking just in case.

The AX5500 is one of their larger models in the range, it’s suited to a space up to 60m2 which is significant, and is around the height of a bar stool. Looking like a typical white good it’s not offensive to look at, provided it adds benefit to the space.

There is a level of assembly to the AX5500 and it may be an effort from Samsung to also show you the inner workings of an air purifier. Each filter (there are three) need to be installed into the AX5500 allowing you to see the tools it plans on using to clean your air. Samsung says their range helps reduce dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, pesticides, exhaust fumes, smoke, oil mist, carbon monoxide, the odours from household cleaners, general odours and volatile organic compounds – so basically, it cleans the air or all the bad stuff.

They say that humans breathe 11,000lt of air each day. If your home is closed due to the cold of winter or heat of summers, you and anyone else you live with are sharing the air, second hand, third hand and so on. Your dinner aromas from last night, that fly spray you just used, the fragments from whatever your dog was just scratching, and whatever else toots… it’s all being savoured.

When we turned the AX5500 on for the first time you see a top mount display which highlights certain readings of the current air quality along with easy to understand colour indicators. Red is bad, green is good, blue to bliss. There are simple modes on the product if you want to take control or you can leave it on Auto and let it be. The AX5500 sucks air through the front and throws it out from the sides and top allowing the new, cleaner air to circulate.

We setup the AX5500 through the Samsung SmartThings app, meaning it’s not another gadget on the Wi-Fi network but we loved this for managing it’s operation from anywhere. While the unit is large, it can operate very quietly, as low as 21db in sleep mode and as high as 50db when it’s working it hardest (spray aerosol near the sensors to experience that). In the coming days our rooms in the home did feel lighter and cleaner to breathe in, but was that just in our heads?

Later in our first week of testing, the local fire brigade were performing some back burning. We didn’t have the air purifier on that day but as the evening settled in, the smell of smoke started bothering us. Turning on the AX5500 from the smartphone saw it spring to life and like waking up the Hulk, it smelt poor air quality and went into level 3 mode. The reading on the display was over 200 and it’s normally happy at 7. What was amazing to witness over a one hour period was that number constantly reducing and allowing us to sleep without that bush fire smell bothering us. For asthmatics I assume this is a massive blessing. In the morning we couldn’t smell anything except clean air and that was the nail in the coffin, these things aren’t bogus.

For a home office, a unit this size is overkill but Samsung (and other brands) make units for rooms. Ensuring you have a high degree of filtration on the product is important, assess the filters that come in the product, assess the claims it makes and most importantly, check the power consumption and noise levels. A loud air purifier might work well but your meetings will be a nightmare.

The Samsung AX5500 can be bought for $799 and is available now.

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