Dell brings more to the second display

If your desk looks anything like mine, there appears to be more cables than products at times and clutter becomes a problem. Dell have made a number of announcements which aim to reduce the clutter but also combine some products to further enhance our working experiences.

Firstly, a portable monitor. This is one that will blow minds during a client meeting or add convenience when you’re travelling. A second screen for a laptop which only requires a single cable connection, no separate power lead. The Dell 14 Portable Monitor is a 14 inch display that connects to your computer via the USB-C port and in seconds it can be used to mirror or extend your desktop.

Completely powered by the laptop and with tilt adjustment it could be used to present to the person sitting across from you instead of huddling over the same screen. For power users on the go, it could mean your email on one screen while you work on the second screen. Pricing is yet to be announced but it is due for release in early September.

Dell have also enhanced their desktop monitor range with components for the world we now live in. The 24 and 27 inch monitors feature a pop up 5MP camera for handling your Zoom calls while also featuring noise-cancelling microphones and dual 5W speakers. This means a single connection to your computer for display, audio and visual – that desk is looking neater already.

Both sizes will be available in October with pricing to be announced closer to the date.

Geoff’s take: I’m all for versatility and convenience. Clutter on the desk is clutter on the mind and when we have busy lives, the last thing we need is a mess that slows us down. The portable display is really exciting and road warriors will love the enhanced workspace but will likely bring a high price tag. The desktop monitors are excellent on paper and could be ideal for those seeking efficiency and a tidy workspace. My concern here is the quality of the built in components and whether you’ll be forced to add your own webcam, speakers and microphone later. In previous experience with built-in features, they can be average and not great. Time will tell.

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