iPad Accessories to lift your Game

Some of us rely on the iPad as a primary device, especially road warriors. While others use an iPad as a second, companion type device to their computer. The product that defined what a good tablet should be, the iPad is now highly elevated when you have the right accessories and we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo

This isn’t just a holder for your iPad, it is a desktop stand and shelf clamp that can keep your iPad at any angle, any height and any position you need. The robust HoverBar Duo can hold an iPhone or even iPad Pro in any position without feeling flimsy. This means you can use the tablet for FaceTime calls at a height that suits you. Take it into the kitchen and using the clamp you can keep it all off the bench while you follow a recipe on screen.

Australian RRP $139.95

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go

Ever been working on something on your tablet and you’re low on storage? That pop up can put you into an instant panic. What’s more, transferring files between an iPad and a computer can be tricky at times. This handy gadget from Western Digital solves both problems. A flash drive that connects to your iPad allowing you to move files to or from the tablet with automatic back up functions. You can also use the drive as primary storage so if you’re recording video it can be saved directly to the drive. When you’re done you can simple take it to your computer and plug it into a normal USB port. Available in 64, 128 and 258GB versions from $65 RRP

Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Charging Dock

The charger that comes with the Apple Watch has a long cable and supports USB-A for computers and standard wall plugs. The Satechi charging dock can be plugged into an iPad Pro or any USB-C port and will magnetically attach to your Apple Watch to provide extra juice when you need it. Available in a black or white this is a gorgeous way to recharge and keep the Watch alive.

Available now for $74

Logitech Folio Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad

Here is a product that protects your iPad, provides a solid keyboard for faster typing and even a touch pad for navigation. Logitech has been making excellent accessories for computers, smartphones and tablets for years and this example is another worth paying attention to. The keys are backlit for when lighting isn’t ideal, you have a full row of iPad shortcut keys such as access to Search, Siri and the home screen. The case uses the Smart Connector for instant power and connection to your iPad so no fiddling with settings or charging the case before use. Logitech has also left space to carry the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon if that’s needed also.

Available now for $259.95

Satechi Pro Mobile Hub

When your iPad Pro only ships with a single port, you might wonder how you’ll connect all your desire accessories. The USB-C port is very capable of handling multiple components, you just need the right attachment. Satechi have the USB-C Mobile Pro Hub which can turn one connection into four. This small hub provides a 4K HDMI connection, a USB port for flash drives, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C connection. Connecting your iPad to a display, with storage and even audio through the headphone jack is extremely handy for any power user who wants to get the most from their iPad Pro.

Available now for $89.99