Ditch the Dining Table for these Desks

Working from home was forced for some and meant a rapid adjustment without time to consider their new office. Students and workers find themselves spread into different areas of the home making the best of the situation and placing their laptop and other peripherals on whatever is sturdy. For many it’s the dining table and some have made the leap to a real desk. Here are a few options if it’s time to take working from home a little more seriously.

Sit and Stand with Rodulf

Don’t ask IKEA where they get their product names from, it might make them worse. The IKEA Rodulf however is one which we translate to a great value standing desk. This 140 x 80cm desk in grey/white looks fantastic with soft colour tones. A small button panel allows you to raise and lower the desk for sitting or standing occasions. Given it’s size, this is one you’re thankful to see motorised. The heights vary from 70cm to 117cm so do consider your ideal working position if you’re very tall. A cable management panel will also ensure you don’t leave wires everywhere This is even more important when you’re raising and lowering items like a monitor, you don’t want anything getting caught or pulled in the process.

The best bit, the IKEA Rodulf is $379 here

Retrofitted Standing Desk

If you already have a desk or space you work from, adding a standing desk element can mean you have a better posture when we all have to return to the office. I’ve tested the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 and loved it. This heavy addition to your desk holds dual displays, has a separate level for the keyboard and mouse and then features two levers on either side to lift the desk. This is an important call out because it isn’t electrically assisted but the spring mechanism does mean that most of the weight is not felt.

You can choose multiple levels and once clicked into place it offers a great standing desk option. The best part was taking this out of the box and no assembly is required, you do however need help lifting it onto your desk. VariDesk also sell the standing matts and they’re highly recommended if you intend on spending hours on your feet.

This unit is available now for $550 here

Just get me a desk!

If you started your day looking at the dining table and thought “it’s time”, Koala can have a new desk to you in 4 hours. The Workmate Home Office Desk is a desk that has hidden rewards. With a 120 x 60cm top you’ll have enough space to work with space for a lamp, notepad etc. The sturdy desk has neat sections for easy storage of your everyday items. A headphone hanger, a cable management tray and even grooves in the desk to prop up your iPad or smartphone. You’ll find a handy drawer wide enough to store your laptop after 5pm along with snacks and other odds and ends. Given it’s hard to experience products in person these days, Koala offers a 120 day trial so you can really test it before committing to it.

The Koala Workmate Home Office Desk is $600 here

I’m fancy.

You work hard, you miss the fine dining and glamorous holidays, spoil yourself on your new desk. The King Living ETO Desk Select Package ticks a number of boxes. It’s a collaboration with award-winning designer Tom Fereday and is beautiful to look at before you even add anything to the desk. Where we fall in love further however is the built in power, wireless smartphone charging and lighting all in the one unit. A place to charge your phone without ables, a sexy lamp for focused light still features a sleek drawer for holding your accessories with soft padding. Available in three colour varieties, this will make your work from home experience so fancy you’ll wish it was seen in Zoom meetings.

Fancy comes at a cost, the ETO Desk Select Package is $1690 here