Shaking the Apple tree for new Upgrades

This morning during a virtual event streamed from Cupertino in California Apple unveiled a range of new products. The Apple iPhone 13 in various sizes, a new Apple Watch, new iPads and more.

What’s new about the iPhone 13?

Looking at the iPhone 13 you may not visibly notice the difference to the 12. The rear cameras however are now positioned diagonally rather than vertical. The notch on the front screen still exists too. On the inside is where the benefits appear. A 28% brighter display, faster processing and a longer battery life by two hours on average. 5G onboard and 128GB of storage as standard up to 512GB.

One key feature Apple demonstrated was Cinematic Mode which allows you to play with focus while filming including face tracking and auto switching to create focus transitions normally seen in movies.

Apple kept the Pro model and the key additions here are obviously more power, performance and graphics. The Pro has a third lens on the rear with 3x optical zoom which the normal 13 does not. The display is improved to the base models featuring a display that can optimize to 120Hz. The Pro models add a 1TB storage option.

When will the iPhone 13 be available?

The iPhone 13 is available for pre-order on Friday and will be on sale from September 24th. Pricing for the iPhone 13 Mini will be US $699 AU $1199 and the 13 is US $799 AU $1349. The iPhone 13 Pro will be US $999 AU $1699 and the Pro Max from US $1099 AU $1849.

What’s can the Apple Watch Series 7 do?

The Apple Watch Series 7 has now been improved to provide a larger screen area within the same size face. Apple Watch 7 has a 1.7mm border making the screen look like it falls off the edge. The key features on the Series 7 that people will notice is the 70% brighter display, onscreen keyboard and cycling detection. The Apple Watch Series 7 will continue the same 18 hour battery life with crack and water resistance.

How much is the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available later this year. Pricing will start from US $399 and with no exact arrival date we suspect AU pricing will come later.

What’s new with iPad?

The standard iPad has been updated and is largely an internal step change. All new internals will keep the iPad on top of its game. It retains the home button and familiar design but now has support for the first gen Apple Pencil.

The new iPad Mini however is a major improvement on the previous model. The home button is now gone and the display can push to the edges like the iPad Pro. It’s so much like the iPad Pro that it now has USB-C instead of the lightning connection. The 8.3inch display has improved brightness and colours. TouchID is now in the power button. Upgraded front and rear cameras along with support with the second generation Apple Pencil make this a worthy upgrade for Mini lovers.

When is the new iPad available?

The new iPad and iPad Mini will be available to pre-order today with availability beginning on September 24th. The iPad mini starts from US $499 AU $749 in 64GB while the normal iPad (the home button) starts from US $329 AU $499 in 64GB.

Anything else?

A couple more things… Apple also made updates to Fitness+ with the addition of Pilates and the ability to workout with a friend via integrated FaceTime-like experiences. If you’re an Apple TV+ subscriber you have a number of new TV shows to look forward to, including Morning Wars. New content to a streaming platform is expected but it appears like these shows are kicking goals.

Also, while it wasn’t mentioned in the event, iOS15 will land on existing Apple iPhones from the 20th of this month, so everyone gets something to take home for free.

Geoff’s Thoughts…

As always, the rumours that we read lead to a feeling of being let down during these Apple events. We have this fake hope that Apple will make major design changes and refresh the entire product line up. As it stands today a person with an iPhone 11 could pretend they have an iPhone 13 with only a keen eye able to tell the difference. While the Apple Watch has a larger display, the design echos to the iPhone 6 and has the same design as the first Apple Watch.

Apple wants you to see beneath the surface and appreciate the huge innovations in performance, graphics and capabilities. While users will appreciate that when the product is in their hand, it’s getting them to that stage that good design can lure. Innovations from other brands with in screen fingerprint readers, removing the notch on the screen and even from a wearable sense feel steps ahead of Apple and are overdue. I think the best announcement today was the iPad Mini which is a genuinely exciting little powerhouse. The biggest let down? No new AirPods. We suspect another Apple event is on the horizon before the year ends.

2 thoughts on “Shaking the Apple tree for new Upgrades

  1. I purchased my iPad mini a year ago knowing that an update was around the corner. I wanted a model with a lightning rather than usb-c connector, and a headphone port.

    The reason is that I was disappointed with my larger iPad, which has a usb-c connector and no headphone port. It will only work with the supplied usb-c cable, and I miss the headphone port much more than I thought I would. I use my iPad mini’s port all the time, and have many lightning cables that I’ve accumulated over the years.

    1. This is one of the major problems whenever a port change is made, all those accessories you had will no longer work. I still have accessories that have the old Apple 30 Pin connection!

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