DeLonghi bring the Barista to You

One of the great things about commuting to an office each day usually meant a detour to your favourite cafe for a morning brew. Working from home shouldn’t mean you miss out entirely and DeLonghi has a new product to provide that fix.

The DeLonghi La Specialista Arte is the latest edition to the long lineup of coffee machines from the brand. The ability to create barista quality coffee at home with a coffee machine that looks more complicated than it actually is in practice. The Arte is a manual machine with a difference. A built in grinder provides a correct dose which you then tamp yourself. Moving to the pouring section it’s a twist and go for an espresso, long black or even hot water. A manual steam wand provides the facility to create silky milk foam for your cappuccino or latte.

DeLonghi has added 8 grind settings and 3 infusion temperature settings to enable you to tune the machine to suit your coffee beans. If you don’t change bean varieties often, this is a set and forget component. DeLonghi has begun adding remote education where you can join a Zoom call with an expert for advice, training and assistance to get the most from your purchase.

We’ve been testing the Arte for a few days and have enjoyed being involved in the coffee making process. DeLonghi sell full automatic machines that are completely hands off but there is something special about being slightly responsible for your coffee. Similar to making your own pasta instead of the packet variety, but without the mess or long time delays.

The coffee produced from the Arte is fantastic but it can be heavily influenced by your settings and tamping pressure. You might waste a few coffees upfront during the learning process but once you’re there, the rewards are worth it.

The Arte is available now for an RRP of $799 directly from DeLonghi or through most retailers.

Geoff’s Take: The La Specialista Arte is part of a line of models in the range with slight differences between them. The La Specialista espresso machine (here) has been on the market for longer but has features that we frankly loved. A built in tamping lever, a more automated steam wand and while being a slightly larger unit, packed a higher powered pump. It’s is also now available for less than the Arte. For that reason the Arte has a niche audience. The person buying the Arte is likely someone who works at a cafe and wants a similar experience when they’re at home. It’s someone who wants to be intricately involved in the grinding, tamping and milk process.