Webex highlights new innovation, including holograms

During a special event called WebexOne, Cisco made some announcements on new features coming to Webex and an entirely need way to meet using holograms. Since the days we saw Princess Leia appear as a hologram, beamed from R2D2, we have been waiting for a day where we too can use the imaginative technology.

Cisco opened the event setting the stage for their announcements by pulling some data from their recent Cisco Hybrid Work Index. This report suggests that 64% of employees agree that the ability to work remotely directly affects whether they stay or leave a job. 98% of meetings will have at least one remote participant yet only 6.4% of meeting rooms and classrooms are video enabled. One of the more startling figures was that only 48% of participants on average speak in meetings.

With that, Cisco announced new innovations, on top of the 1000 innovations to Webex in the last 12 months.

AI-Powered audio intelligence without distractions

Webex will now optimise for all voices in a meeting to equalise voice to ensure all can be heard. It won’t matter how far you are from the speakerphone, the AI will differentiate between your voice and other ambient noises. Currently, people have had to look towards expensive audio hardware with beam forming microphones but with this built into Webex you’ll be able to attend a meeting from a cafe as though it’s a private meeting room.

Vidcast to reduce the amount of meetings

As a platform built on having meetings, this is unexpected. Vidcast will allow you to create content, whether it is an entire presentation, a comment of a reaction to something you’ve been sent. It allows participants of a virtual meeting to contribute without actually being present at the same time. It might take longer but it would mean catching up and contributing in your own time, handy for global timezones.

Webex Hologram

Using an augmented reality headset, this combination of hardware and software will allow immersive 3D holograms. It could ensure that the meeting experience can be the same wherever you are. You could sit at a table and a colleague appears across from you as a hologram. You could take it a step further and add objects as holographic items to handle, share, move and manipulate. This isn’t just a future concept, it’s now ready for real world trials. This is a headset agnostic feature and is already said to work with Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. Join the pilot here