New Jabra Headset You Never Need to Remove

As employees consider a plan of returning to the office and flexible work options, our technology needs are required to adapt. While our laptops are portable and can be docked at the office and still taken home for use, other gadgets need to be just as adaptable. Jabra, who specialise in communication devices have announced a new headset that is ideal for the office, the home and even the commute between the two.

The Jabra Evolve2 75 is an over-ear headset with a foldable boom arm. Noise cancellation and bluetooth make this battery powered headset one you’ll likely want to wear, even in public spaces. Jabra has gone to the trouble of adding indicator lights for when you’re on a call and worked with Microsoft to attain Teams certification.

The overear headset features 8 microphones and will use those to hear you clearly but also hear and mute surrounding sounds. You could be hosting a meeting on a train and the announcements about the next stop is not heard by your participants. You could work at a Cafe with a virtual background and no one would know where you are. That’s the idea anyway.

The microphone does fold down from the right earcup so looks really neat when folded away. Sadly however is the fact a boom arm even exists anymore. When companies like Jabra produce incredible ear buds like the Elite 7 Pro with advanced beam forming microphones it makes you wish they simply adapted that technology here.

The Evolve2 75 headset has up to 30m of wireless range allowing you to visit the kitchen during long meetings to make a coffee or sandwich without missing a word. The connection can be made to two bluetooth devices at one time meaning a call from your smartphone doesn’t mean you need to remove the headset, it all stays where it is.

The Evolve2 75 has a whopping 36 hours of battery life and a quick 15 minutes on the charger will give you 6 hours more. You’ll essentially never run out of juice. The Evolve2 75 uses push buttons on the ear cups for controls of the active noise cancellation, answering calls and putting yourself on mute. When listening to music, the controls can also manage play, pause and skipping tracks.

The noise cancellation and comfortable over ear design means that listening to music or podcasts will be an enjoyable experience. It also means you can rely on the Evolve2 75 at any time of the day. Jabra also added a smart sensor to pause music when you remove the headset and resume when they’re back on, handy for when someone pops by at the office.

The Jabra Evolve2 75 will be available for $490 ex GST.

Geoff’s Take: Jabra don’t make computers or televisions or tablets. They make communication products and work day and night to improve in this field. They are laser focused in this space and it brings a level of comfort to their products. The Evolve2 75 sits among many other headsets in the Jabra range and there tends to be one that suits most budgets. The retractable boom arm make this attractive because I personally hate looking like a Thunderbird with a big mic arm near my mouth. The over the head band may also be something people shy away from and stick to buds. Over the head means hair is squashed or messed up, not ideal if certain meetings in your day require face to face aspects.