The Block: Tanya & Vito Study Nook Reveal

On the channel 9 season of The Block we are starting to see changes in floor plans based on our changing living styles. This week, contestants Tanya & Vito added a study nook to their home to create a place to work or study.

The study nook is situated near the open plan kitchen and living area but separated by large glass panel doors. The glass allows natural light to flow into the space thanks to the sky lights in that area. The nook itself is located in the hall way to the bedrooms.

Tanya & Vito have styled the nook simply but with plenty of shelving space. A total of eight shelves and no drawers mean you’ll have everything on display making things easy to find and limiting hidden clutter. A pendant light sits above for working sessions after sunset.

From what we can see, the desk has space for a laptop or a desktop computer however the power outlet is further away near the shelves. The power outlet appears to feature USB charging, another handy addition.

The location of the nook itself didn’t receive any criticism but perhaps it should have. While positioned near the kitchen the separation with the glass door is fantastic. However, located at the end of the hallway and at the top of the basement stairs, anyone working in this space will be heavily bothered by family members exiting those areas. Given your back would be facing those areas you’d need to be extra cautious on video meetings, especially as bathroom doors are right behind you.

Stairs to a basement and a series of doors in a hallway, the ideal Zoom background?

The hard surfaces used and wall facing position of the nook desk means audio will reverberate and potentially echo in this space also. We’re excited to see what Ronnie & Georgia reveal with their loft approach to the study zone of the home. For any contestant not considering a workspace on The Block this year could find a mark against them come auction day. This effort from Tanya & Vito is a start.

More information about this space can be found on the 9Now website here.

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