The Block: Efficient use of Space as Study Rooms are Revealed

This week on The Block, Australia got their first look at the new study rooms built by the teams. Not all teams chose to include a dedicated study room in their floorplan as we recently covered the nook by Tanya and Vito. With budgets tight and time short, we were impressed with what some teams managed. It also gave us an insight into the future home designs with hybrid working lifestyles. Here is what we saw.

Ronnie & Georgia

The team with the most experience and the most wins under the belts, they hardly put a foot wrong each week. The lead up to the reveal suggested a loft above the dining that looks out to the living area was in play,. Fortunately, this space was revealed as a sitting area, suitable for reading a book rather than taking Zoom calls. Our concern was that given the openness of the space, it would have the whole house bothered when you joined a conference call.

The study space revealed was cleverly designed to easily be a guest bedroom with a king single bed integrated to the wall. A desk under a large window looking out to the pool area looked like a lovely place to work. The natural light from the window and skylight above would do wonders for you in a virtual meeting with no ring light required. The room itself was also situated away from noisy parts of the home allowing a good space to concentrate.

We loved the split system air-conditioning unit allowing you to temperature control this room without using the ducted system. If you’re the only one at home, this will keep power bills low.

Kirsty & Jesse

The team with the biggest home on The Block managed to create a study without simply turning one of the bedrooms into an office. The study room was a thin and long area that provided enough space for one person to work while also allowing ample storage. With no outward facing window, Kirsty & Jesse made good use of the area with a skylight and a mirror to give a greater sense of space.

The large white desk was built into the cabinetry but large enough that even multiple monitors could be used. Behind the deskbound worker, a wall covered in a lovely map of Melbourne wallpaper was used. We loved this as it removes the need for a virtual background, all the clutter is on one side with the wall the only thing behind you. Kirsty & Jesse also opted for a wall mounted heater, likely to accommodate that fun Melbourne weather. Lastly, this is the only study to use timber instead of carpet on the floors, not ideal for noise in the room however nothing a long rug won’t fix.

Josh & Luke

The team who appear more lost and confused each week presented a room that they called a study. This room has a built-in corner desk with added storage. The tiny desk faces the wall with skylights overheard and windows behind the deskbound worker. Not ideal for video conferencing to have windows behind you however artificial lighting will fix this.

Behind the desk chair was a large open space leading to a coffee table and a two seater couch. Excellent for taking a break or a change of scene to work from but perhaps not the best layout. An ensuite is still under construction which is planned to feature a shower, sink and toilet. For a study, the shower seems overkill, especially when Josh & Luke built such big bathrooms elsewhere in the home.

Mitch & Mark

The homes on The Block this season have ceilings that seem never ending. It’s for that reason Ronnie & Georgia added the mezzanine space and also why Mitch and Mark added a study above the garage. Both masterstrokes in space efficiency. The study from Mitch and Mark really is a space away from the rest of the house. It has it’s own entry staircase and provides room for two to work side by side. Plenty of power outlets were seen, along with some shelving overhead.

Relying purely on skylights, both were well placed while lamps filled the gaps. A small space was also reserved for a pot plant which might have served better with a large table for planning, layouts or an idea board, something the new owner can tackle. The big benefit to this room was its separation to the rest of the house and buyers are going to love this come auction day.