Why Google Hardware Looks the Way it Does

It would be fair to say in recent years that physical products sold from Google look different to typical gadgets. Products like the Google Chromecast began as a small black dongle which is now available in colours, with different textures and feel. The smart home products like Nest Audio, Nest Hub and even the Google security cameras blend into the home thanks to their new designs.

Isabelle Olsson is the Senior Director, Design for Home and CMF (colour, materials, finish) at Google and Philip Battin is the Design Manager for advanced concepts, devices and services. Isabelle and Philip have been with Google for many years and are leading many designs of recent products including the latest Pixel 6 smartphone.

We had the opportunity to talk about design at Google and dig into the decisions that led to the Pixel 6 looking the way it does. You can hear the entire, unedited, interview here and embedded below.