Office for Tomorrow was launched by Geoff Quattromani in September 2021. At this point the world was in the 19th month of a global pandemic. While many people had studied or worked from home prior to COVID-19, it wasn’t the norm, nor were we all necessarily good at it.

As an IT manager by day and tech commentator at night, Geoff is across the workings in technology from an enterprise and consumer perspective. Geoff has a long career in IT while also appearing on radio, television, newspapers and online providing technology updates and advice, including in his podcast Technology Uncorked. Using his skillset in both areas he has created this website as a resource for those looking to be successful studying or working, from anywhere. The Office for Tomorrow is not always going to be in your home, or in a corporate headquarters. Working or studying is something you DO, it isn’t a place. So as we consider how we can work and study at anytime, anywhere, we’ll be here to guide you on the right products, services and methods.

It won’t be just technology either, expect tips and guides on designing the right space including elements such as furniture, lighting and more.